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Why SEO Is Important for All Web Developers

For many developers, the arrival of SEO has been looked upon as a minor business practice instead of something to be dramatically implemented in all web page markup. In some cases, this is completely understandable, since there are other means to drive traffic to a website. However, it is traffic-driven mindset that leaves most developers and web designers with a bad taste in their mouth.

SEO isn’t just a grey hat tool with the purpose to drive in new customers. More often then not, this is the case, though It’s also a useful tool to organize and index your pages for other reasons that are often ignored by freshly hired web developers. Say a developer is hired by a none-profit to design and assemble a database that searches and organizes medical conditions by typical patient symptoms. More often then not, this sites developer will likely ignore this sites SEO potential simply because their is no drive for profits or to bring in any sort of business. This is exactly the mindset that the majority of developers need to stay clear of.

The SEO potential for such a medical database could drive in hundreds of thousands of impressions per month, thus pushing such a site into unforeseen directions that are out of the scope of the web developer. Regardless of this sites own business practices, there is ultimate potential for patients to discover their own health issues from basic search terms that point to a broad and open database of knowledge. This is, ultimately, the goal of such a site, and it’s own developer could easily to more harm by ignoring the goal and the impact of SEO.

It is still important to maintain the fact that SEO is a fantastic tool for marketing purposes. Many businesses are finding that their customers are using search engines to find what they want, instead of phone books or directory listings. Still, it’s important to drive a clear focus to web designers and web developers who all seem to be the last one’s on board for optimization. If your site is a resource, by all means, you should attempt basic optimization and push your developer to add the basic features that set your site up for better listings.

The following are basic tasks that will help your sites SEO, and should be implemented by developers regardless. It’s just good, clean practice.

– All anchor tags should have a proper title attribute. Ex:

– All image tags should have a proper alt attribute. Ex:

– Your page should have a clear and descriptive Title

– Lastly, add a Sitemap.xml file to your sites directory.

Tips for a Team of SEO for Web Development

If a company decides to rely on an expert to create a window to the web he does to have an advertising return and wants to be located more quickly and comfortably than the old systems (e.g. yellow pages) as the potential customer relies increasingly on search engines like Google.

Unfortunately, not all webmasters, designers are often helped by Dreamweaver & Co, are aware of the dynamics necessary to satisfy the SEO company, then forced to turn to experts to optimize the visibility of your site.

The best case is the presence of an SEO expert in every field of web development company that creates an initial guideline and are consulted each year by the client to update the web space under the new rules SEO: remember that the web and its rules vary very quickly, updating the site code and content is essential for lasting results.

The worst case for the company that wants the site is well positioned to find a study of web development even without knowledge in SEO, at which point the company has to go to another studio or find a freelance SEO expert puts his hand the code and possibly a redesign of a project born evil, or to update.

This is clearly not the optimal situation even for the SEO expert who will have to hand code to others, placing emphasis on analyzing the structure of spider traps, check for broken links, robots.txt misconfigured, not having a semantic structure (wireframe) lacking in content and so on.

So let’s see recommendations 4 and 4 things to avoid for a web agency that is planning the site of a customer and want to avoid him spending more money (possibly losing the contract when the customer will notice that your web provider is “lame”) offering rather than a service with bows and complete 100%.

4 things to do to provide a quality product:


The site must be planned together with an SEO expert right from the first drafts, by studying the semantics, the positioning of various frames, the right keywords.


The collaboration must be horizontal: the SEO expert must have decision-making power in the team and give advice during the chosen code, create a site with perfect code badly positioned just a waste of time.


The coder needs to communicate at any time of the project on choices, ideas and possible errors with the expert in SEO. It should not be a consultant but a real team member.


Although the company has knowledge of SEO does not mean that I know what an expert. The SEO changes dramatically, just see the news in the social environment. Having a full-time SEO worker who knows the news is essential to have a result: if the web development company is large enough there is definitely need more experts – why pay 10 programmers flash and then have only an expert in optimization and positioning on search engines? And ‘counterproductive.

4 things to do to be filled with problems:


Show the wireframe to SEO expert to work day after day is over or even very serious mistake. If you follow the expert advice to assist the team, may be too late and having to redesign entire pages.


The team should not be afraid to see the creativity stifled by the expert in SEO: working together to find viable solutions, achieving a balance between creativity and accessibility.


Many webmasters think that the SEO expert is only a marginal figure of the team: the result is to underestimate the SEO aspect and get a website invisible to search engines and therefore useless. If the SEO is not in accord with the design ideas should not hide our heads in the sand and ignore it but you have to ask alternative routes.

Seek Perfection (no reach)

If your SEO expert is competent and the team did not collaborate in the production process need to be afraid to launch the site. You have to constantly worry about instead of work: often the most common mistake is to start well and then rest on their laurels.